2013: The year of food writing

I have declared 2013 my year of reading on food, including books ranging from technique to foraging. So far I have read through “Charcuterie” by Michael Ruhlman, Brian Polcyn and Thomas Keller, “At the Kitchen Table” by local Greg Atkinson and “Making Artisan Pasta” by Aliza Greene. I am currently making my way through “Fat of the Land” by Langdon Cook.

Greg Atkinson’s writing inspires me to make the most out of all my culinary experiences from visits with friends over chips and salsa to lengthy dinners with family. Reading about his time spent collecting oysters just off Bainbridge and Solstice traditions with his family warms my heart. And his recipe for shortcakes with strawberries sure doesn’t cause any strife in this house.

I have a date planned with a local deli, Hitchcock, to ask a million questions and to source some necessary tools to begin my journey into charcuterie. I do believe pork belly confit might be the first thing that happens in my kitchen, quickly followed by pancetta and various sausages. This book is rocking my world.

My awesome mom gifted me an Atlas pasta machine for my birthday along with Aliza Greene’s “Making Artisan Pasta”. The photo of asparagus, beet, chocolate, squid ink, saffron and lemon pepper pasta makes my mouth water. To see such an array of colors all come from homemade pasta is striking. We all strive to have plates full of a rainbow of food… to do this with pasta alone is impressive. I have a hunch I’ll be making some chocolate pasta with homemade ice cream this valentine’s day.

Charcuterie        At the Kitchen Table

Making Artisan Pasta Fat of the Land


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  1. I remember a very intimate stage at the family in which my wife and I had chosen the food consumption of biological production, while we were developing the daily consumption of bread in the oven of our kitchen. It was very interesting because as a child I had seen them bread to farmers in my village by artisanal means. (google translate)

  2. Hello, neighbor! Found you via the Well-Behaved Kids furor, and look, you’re right near me!

    If you haven’t been to Hitchcock yet, you’re in for a treat. The restaurant is also excellent. And yes, I have seen folks there with kids several times.

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