{Our Right Now}

xylophone cherry tree

chive blossoms

miles on his bike


pork belly and slaw

* The garden is beginning to sprout. I was sure I had planted too early, and perhaps I did for a few plants, but my radishes, arugula, beets and chard have all risen above ground so I have hope that the rest will do the same.

* We built an outdoor xylophone. We’re in the process of building many more and will share details on how you can get one soon.

* The chive blossoms are almost here! Last year I made chive blossom vinegar and plan to do the same again this Spring. It has a subtle chive taste, but most of all the champagne vinegar with chive blossoms just looks gorgeous in a nice bottle.

* Pork belly confit. Need I say more? I took a page out of Charcuterie and spent a few days making Le Pichet’s pork belly confit. I served it alongside a very spring slaw of asparagus, fennel and radishes. Delicious.

* The littles are enjoying the sun. Today we dipped our toes at Point no Point… it was perfect. We are loving it here in Kingston. <3 <3